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Release 1 - Aug 15, 2013


JenAge Ageing Factor Database - AgeFactDB

Towards Data Integration in Age Research

The JenAge Ageing Factor Database AgeFactDB is aimed at the collection and integration of ageing phenotype and lifespan data. Ageing factors are genes, chemical compounds or other factors such as dietary restriction, for example.

In a first step ageing-related data are primarily taken from existing databases. In addition, new ageing-related information is included both by manual and automatic information extraction from the scientific literature.

Based on a homology analysis, AgeFactDB also includes genes that are homologous to known ageing-related genes. These homologs are considered as candidate or putative ageing-related genes.

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If you make use of this database please cite:
Hühne R, Thalheim T, Sühnel J:
AgeFactDB - the JenAge Ageing Factor Database - Towards data integration in ageing research.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2014; 42(1):D892-6.


The JenAge Centre maintains three public information resources, the Research Centre Website, the Information Centre and the Ageing Factor Database AgeFactDB. The Research Centre Website offers specific information on the JenAge Centre, the Information Centre provides general information on ageing research and systems biology intended to assist researchers in these fields and finally AgeFactDB is aimed at data integration in ageing research.