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Ageing factors are genes, chemical compounds or other factors such as dietary restriction or overfeeding, heat shock, low temperature and so on that have an effect on lifespan and/or ageing phenotype. Information related to these effects of ageing factors is called an observation and is presented in the database on observation pages. Information reported in one paper can lead to one or more observations. To provide an easy and compact access to the complete information for a particular gene or a specific compound or for one of the other factors the corresponding observations are also summarized on ageing factor pages. Based on a comprehensive homology analysis, AgeFactDB provides, in addition to known ageing-related genes, a compilation of genes that are orthologous to these known genes. These orthologs can be considered as candidate or putative ageing-related genes. The fact that genes are orthologous to each other is also viewed as an observation. So, the ageing relevance can be derived either from experimental or from computational studies. Whereas observations are always either computational or experimental for ageing factors it may happen that there is both experimental and computational evidence.

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