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Release 1 - Aug 15, 2013


(Development and support for this website has been discontinued since 2015.)

Contribute to AgeFactDB

The information content of the AgeFactDB is not community-driven but contributions and suggestions from the scientific community are welcome. The suggestions may range from single ageing factors, observations or publications to proposals for inclusion of complete ageing-related sources.

You can submit your contributions to AgeFactDB either by sending an email to contribute[at] Or if you click at the 'Contribute' link while you are within an ageing factor or observation page you can also use a special contribution mode. The contribution mode is activated by clicking on the Contribute link. This generates a main contribution form on top of the page where one can enter comments, corrections or suggestions. In this mode one can also target specific page content such as table rows, columns or cells by clicking on them. In this case also (smaller) contribution subforms are opened. Note, that in this mode all links are deactivated. One can exit this mode by clicking the "Send Contributions" or "Cancel" buttons in the main form.